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iPod Touch 4G screen protectors, covers & skins

Sunday, September 26, 2010  |  4 comments

iPod Touch 4G Screen protectors, covers & skins

Now that you just bought the awesome new iPod Touch 4G, you may want to consider getting protection for it, especially a screen protector. Not many people realize how beneficial screen protectors can be for a new device. There are going to be many chances of dropping the iPod or knocking it against a hard or abrasive surface. Read more...

Once you drop the iPod touch 4G directly on the screen on the concrete or other hard surfaces, it is guaranteed that you will get some sort of knick or scratch on the screen. So it will be worthwhile to buy a screen protector for the new iPod touch 4g. Let take a look at a few that are available in the market now.

invisibleSHIELD iPod Touch 4g screen protector

iPod Touch 4G Screen protectors, covers & skins

ZAGG's invisibleSHIELD is scratch-proof, exceptionally clear and virtually indestructible iPod Touch 4G screen protector. The invisibleShield is a patented pending film featuring nano-memory technology which is visible as a very subtle texture in the surface of the film. This superior component of the invisibleSHIELD offers four main competitive benefits:

  • Durability - Self-healing properties offer unbelievable resistance to scratches and damage, and will extend the life of your device
  • Coverage - Greater pliability and flexibility allows the invisibleSHIELD designs to cover the corners and curves of your device better than the competition.
  • Ease of Install - The improved pliability also facilitates easier installation
  • Drop Resistant - Improved grip makes it easier to hang onto your expensive gadgets
  • Glare Reduction - The invisibleSHIELD gives your device a slight "orange peel" finish that breaks up glare and reduces finger print smudges, while still creating high res screen viewing clarity.

This iPod Touch 4G screen protector comes with Lifetime Replacement Guarantee and 45-day Money Back Guarantee. The price varies between $15 to $25 depending on the type of coverage you choose. You can buy these 4th gen iPod touch covers for less at Amazon.com

There are 3 types of coverage:

  • Full Body Maximum Coverage for $24.99: This covers the screen, back and also the sides of the iPod touch 4g.
  • Full Body Easy Install for $24.99: This covers the screen and the back of the iPod touch 4g
  • Screen Coverage for $14.99: Covers just the screen.

Case-mate Clear Armor iPod Touch 4G screen protector

iPod Touch 4G Screen protectors, covers & skins Clear Armor is a high quality protective film for the iPod touch 4g made from a material that was originally made for the army for the Apache Helicopter blades. This screen protector comes with a lifetime warranty. Each Clear Armor kit includes: 2 sets of Clear Armor, a microfiber cleaning cloth, a bottle of application solution, an applicator card, and application instructions. The Clear Armor iPod touch 4g screen protector sells for $19.99.

BodyGuardz iPod Touch 4G screen protector

iPod Touch 4G Screen protectors, covers & skins

BodyGuardz is a invisible screen protector featuring the same material that is used to shield the front of automobiles from stones and other abrasive elements. BodyGuardz is optically clear and remains invisible without distorting the dimension or design of your iPod touch 4G.

The BodyGuardz iPod touch 4g screen protector is available in 2 options:

  • FULL BODY protector for $24.95
  • SCREEN protectors for $14.95

The package includes

  • SCREEN protectors - 2 protectors per pack
  • FULL BODY - 2 screen protectors and 2 body protectors
  • Application solution
  • Squeegee
  • Installation instructions

You can buy these 4th gen iPod touch covers for less at Amazon.com

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  • At September 27, 2010 at 7:04 PM, Blogger michael said…

    When I purchased my iPhone, I immediately bought an iphone protective film to protect it. It definitely serves its purpose because I drop my phone at least 5 times but it still functioning well.  

  • At November 19, 2010 at 7:52 PM, Anonymous jake said…

    i think i got a REEAALLy crap one (for ipod 1g so long time ago) and it got a scratch even after screen protector was on >.> but i dont really care cuz im getting a 4g 32gb :)

  • At December 26, 2010 at 1:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I have been very impressed with www.bestskinsever.com skins on several blackberry phones and now an iPod touch 4g.  

  • At January 23, 2011 at 12:47 AM, Anonymous Schwantes said…

    A good galaxy S i9000 screen protector should possess the following characteristics - ultra-thin, clear, durable, and able to extend total body protection to the set. It should fit in easily to the curves and outlines of the handset so that the naked eye can hardly detect its presence.  

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