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Cloud offers iPod touch WiFi

Friday, September 28, 2007  |  0 comments
UK wireless network operator The Cloud is introducing a £3.99 per month WiFi tariff for iPod touch users.

Access will be available at the network's thousands of hotspots across the UK. From October 1, users will be able to use their iPod touch to access the internet and Apple's iTunes WiFi Store through The Cloud.

The new Wi-Fi service, called Cloud Unlimited Music, will be available from Monday 1st October 2007 for £3.99 per month, specifically for iPod touch, and is not subject to any minimum term contract.

Owen Geddes, group director of business development at The Cloud, said: “We believe this is a significant step forward in making music, podcasts and video available when, and wherever, people really want it. iPhone users will soon be able to make the most of our WiFi network with O2 and The Cloud when the iPhone is introduced in November, and we want to make sure people who have the WiFi-enabled iPod touch are able benefit from our network of over 7,500 hotspots, too.”

iPod Touch users need to sign-up for the service where they can register their individual device for use on The Cloud’s network across the UK and pay for the service.

Once a user has registered their device, they are able to connect to any The Cloud Wi-Fi network without complicated usernames and passwords. The service is being introduced in the UK first, becoming available in other European markets shortly.



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