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iPod Touch Hacking: Apple issues notice

Thursday, September 27, 2007  |  0 comments
The iPod touch hacking effort seems to have hit a road block with Apple issuing a take down notice to the ISP where the iPod Touch code was being hosted. The story begins with a hardware hacking expert by the name "Martyn", finding an iPod touch whose screen had been smashed, from a lady.

Since the unit was not covered under Apple Care, the lady swapped the dead iPod touch for a nice pretty iPod nano. Martyn took the smashed touch back and extracted its chips.

He was planning to dive in and download every bit of code on it in the increasingly complicated effort to put 3rd party applications on the iPod touch. He wasn't planning on releasing the code to the public, but he did plan to upload the code to a secured area of his site in order to let the other touch hackers have a crack at it.

But even before his upload finished, his ISP showed up, with a takedown notice in hand. Apple had somehow found his site, had contacted his ISP, and let them know that it would be against copyright law for him to upload that code to the Internet.

Martyn wasn't interested in breaking the law (and it would be illegal to share that code), so he pulled the page off. But what's amazing here is how fast Apple moved on this. It seems that they've got someone listening in on the development wiki. [Source:tuaw]



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