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iPod Touch will outsell the iPod Classic this holiday season

Saturday, November 17, 2007  |  0 comments
"One of the tougher decisions for gadget buyers this year is which iPod to purchase," Eric Benderoff blogs for The Chicago Tribune.

"The problem is at the high-end, where buyers can choose between Apple's slick iPod Touch ($399 for 16 gigabytes of storage) or the massive capacity of the iPod Classic ($349 for 160 gb of storage)."

Benderoff asks, "It raises a key question, one that I know several people are pondering: do I opt for style or storage?"

"That doesn’t mean the iPod Classic is not stylish in its own right. It has a new software interface, can play movies, show your photos and hold your contacts. Plus, it can double as a back-up hard drive," Benderoff explains.

"But the Classic is not nearly as much fun to use as the iPod Touch which accesses your music at the swipe of a finger"

Benderoff finishes off by saying, "I imagine the iPod Touch will outsell the Classic this holiday season simply because it is so interesting to use and it offers features people will want to try. You can also consider waiting a year, when a bigger iPod Touch is likely to be introduced."



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