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PDO TopSkin iPod touch case

Wednesday, December 26, 2007  |  0 comments

If the iPod touch is "training wheels for iPhone" as Steve Jobs phrased it, then iPod touch users can at least take solace in the fact that at least a number of iPhone cases and accessories have been successfully adapted to the iPod touch without losing anything. This is no more true than with PDO's near-flawless TopSkin, whose iPhone version received a very good reviews.

Comprehensive protection
The power switch and home button are covered by the TopSkin iPod touch case but remain completely functional with the play-through design. The dock connector and earphone jack are covered by the TopSkin, but can be easily opened when needed.

Slim-profile belt clip
A slim profile belt clip is included. The belt clip can ratchet to any angle allowing you to wear the iPod Touch any way you want. The belt clip can be easily and permanently removed if you prefer not to use it at all.

Micro-texture grip
The sides of the TopSkin have a micro-texture pattern to provide extra grip.

Screen protector included
A full frontal screen protector is included in the package.

Wrist strap included
A black wrist strap is included if you prefer not to use the belt clip.

This PDO TopSkin iPod touch case is now available for $19.99



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