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KennettNet Music Rescue 4.0 iPod/iPhone recovery tool

Tuesday, May 20, 2008  |  3 comments

KennettNet Software has announced Music Rescue 4.0, the latest upgrade to the popular iPod recovery tool. Music Rescue 4.0 adds new features such as QuickRecover, a way to easily rebuild an iTunes library, support for the iPhone and iPod touch, a revamped user interface, Smart Playlist support, an improved media player, and faster, smoother copying.

Following a complete rewrite for both Mac and PC, version 4.0 is currently in the final stages of development. The company is now seeking beta testers, and has offered any reader who’d like to help test Music Rescue 4.0 a discount coupon worth 50% off the price of the new version.

In addition, users who purchase Music Rescue 3.x (which sells for £10) now will get a free upgrade to version 4.0 when it is released by the end of June.

New and/or improved Features:
Revamped Interface
Music Rescue 4.0 has been completely re-written from scratch, allowing us to redesign every aspect of the user interface. The result is a more pleasant and intuitive workflow.

Quick Recover
Music Rescue 4.0 includes a brand new feature: QuickRecover, intended for users who want to recover all of their media quickly and plainlessly. Simply choose which media you'd like, some basic options for each kind of media and go. Music Rescue takes care of the rest.

iPod touch/iPhone
Music Rescue 4.0 fully supports iPod touch and iPhone.

Improved Media Player
The revamped media player in Music Rescue 4.0 has better controls to allow iTunes-like playback features when you're listening to your iPod on a computer away from home.

More Media
Music Rescue 4.0 supports and filters the different media types on your iPod into easy-to-use groups, much like iTunes. TV shows are placed into the Video category. This allows the best viewing experience for each type of media. Music Rescue 4.0 supports the following media types:

Smart Playlists
Music Rescue 4.0 now shows you the rules and options used to create the smart playlists on your iPod, allowing you to recreate them quickly and painlessly.



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