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SwitchEasy RebelTouch iPod Touch Cases

Monday, September 29, 2008  |  1 comments
SwitchEasy RebelTouch iPod Touch Cases

SwitchEasy has introduced its new RebelTouch case for the second-generation(2G) iPod touch.

Shock Jock
With RebelTouch, SwitchEasy have utilized brand new materials and radical design methods to protect your iPod Touch 2G. Introducing UltraFrame™ hard protection system, a unique cover-all hard shell exo-skeleton frame made with Lexan® polycarbonate protecting all the important parts of your iPod Touch 2G that may be prone to impact.
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SwitchEasy RebelTouch iPod Touch CasesIn addition, SwitchEasy have utilized a special new material called ADSP (Adaptive Dynamic Soft Polymer) underneath the frame to protect the delicate surface of your iPod Touch 2G. Your iPod Touch 2G needs some hard core TLC (Tender, Loving Care) to protect it.

In order to protect your iPod, SwitchEasy have utilized a brand new material for the delicate protection needs of your iPod Touch 2G. Introducing ADSP, a new polymer which is hip huggin’ soft but yet tough enough to divert shock for your everyday needs. ADSP is also very resistant to discoloration and soiling from day to day use. It’s the best material ever used in a hybrid case.

Grip and Slide
With unique mixed material layout, SwitchEasy Rebel cases have achieved what any hard or soft cases cannot rival. The case offers the best grip sensation in the market while offering overall protection just like a hard case.

In addition, unlike any silicon case in the market, the unique Ultraframe™ spine design allow you to slip your iPod Touch 2G in your pocket as easily as a hard polycarbonate case.

Tactile is Key
SwitchEasy has paid a lot of attention on the tactility of all the buttons the case covers. All the button elements are meticulously engineered for easy access and ultimate tactile response.

Everything But the Kitchen Sink
As a SwitchEasy tradition, they have included everything you need to protect and accessorize your new iPod Touch 2G. With our RebelTouch case package, you’ll get the following
-(2) Two anti-static Screen Guards
-One Microfiber Wipe
-One Universal Dock Adapter
-One Squeegee for your Screen Guard application
-One Video Dock Stand
-One Power Jack Connector Protector
-One 3.5mm HeadPhone Adapter

Currently available in black or white, the SwitchEasy RebelTouch iPod touch 2G case is available now and sells for $24.99 + $3 s/h.

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