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iPod support in 58% of U.S.Car Models in 2009

Thursday, October 9, 2008  |  0 comments
iSuppli reports that more than half of the car models in US to be realeased in 2009 will have at least optional iPod surport built-in.

The report says that this is due to continued demand from US consumers for the past few years to provide improved iPod Support in their vehicles audio/video systems.
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Automakers seem to have responded to that demand in a big way with 39 percent of vehicle models in the United States in 2008 expected to offer iPod integration options. And in 2009, that number is expected to go up to 58 percent marking it the first time that more than half of the new car-models will be having this feature.

"The automotive industry is at the point where in-vehicle technologies-or the lack of them-are influencing sales," said Phil Magney, vice president of automotive research for iSuppli.

"The charge toward greater technological integration has been led by car OEMs like Hyundai and Honda, which are making USB/iPod combination interfaces standard on many of their vehicles. It's also been spurred by OEMs like Audi and Mercedes, which offer integrated Media Device Gateways that allow any device imaginable to integrate with a vehicle."



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