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Oregon Trail iPod Touch Game from Gameloft

Wednesday, February 25, 2009  |  2 comments
Oregon Trail iPod Touch Game from Gameloft
Gameloft has revealed new details regarding its upcoming game The Oregon Trail for iPhone and iPod touch. The Oregon Trail for mobile made it to the top 10 download lists for the Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T networks. And so it’s no wonder that people are excited to see the first photos of Gameloft’s iPhone version of The Oregon Trail.
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Once on the trail, the game progresses much as it did in the original: move from landmark to landmark, ford rivers, lose a wagon wheel, get attacked by marauders–that kind of thing. Based on the Apple II classic, this updated take on the game features the same trail, from Independence, MO to Willamette Valley, OR, and the same random events, such as disease, bandits, bear attacks, and more.

One of Gameloft's notable additions is to engage the game party at various points along the trail in one of the 8 different mini games. Occasionally your companion will invite you to do a bit of hunting to increase your party’s food stores.

Fishing is another activity represented by a mini game, as is the task of repairing your wagon and even tapping out a bit of morse code. The mini games start out simple but increase in difficulty as you go along.

The Oregon Trail iPhone and iPod Touch Game from Gameloft will be available in the App Store on February 28th or March 1st for $5.99.

Check out the video trailer of the Oregon Trail iPod Touch Game.



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