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EzGear video cable for iPod Touch and iPhone

Wednesday, April 15, 2009  |  0 comments
EzGear has launched a new video cable that is compatible with all the latest ipods including the iPod Touch and the iPhones. The ezGear Video Cable for new iPod & iPhone allows you to play movies, music videos, TV shows, You Tube Clips, or Pictures stored on your device on any TV.
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The ezGear Video Cable is part of the made for iPod program and incorporates Apple's Dock Connector with the new Authentification chip. This gives users the ability to play content from their handheld on any display.

One end of the cable features a dock connector, which can also be used to charge a device in use; the other offers connectors for video, USB, and left and right audio channels. The USB connector can also be connected to your computer to sync your iPod or iPhone with iTunes.

Each video cable is approximately three feet long, and shielded to help reduce interference. Player compatibility covers all iPhones and iPod touches, the iPod classic, fifth-gen video iPods and third- or fourth-gen Nanos. This video cable is currently available for $39.99.

EzGear is also selling a video extension cable, which can be used to double the basic cable's reach.



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