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EA releases Command & Conquer: Read Alert iPod Touch Game

Monday, November 2, 2009  |  1 comments

Command & Conquer iPod Touch Game Get ready for combat! EA has released its very popular Command and Conquer (Red Alert) war game for the iPod Touch and iPhone. The premise here is that Adolf Hitler has been assassinated by a time-traveling Albert Einstein, paving the way for the Soviet Union to become the world's dominant military threat. Read More...

You can fight as the Allies to restore peace or fight with Soviets for world dominance, through 12 combat levels in skirmish mode or on two battle maps. Upcoming updates will include free multiplayer over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and an Empire of the Sun expansion pack. Command & Conquer Red Alert is available now and sells for $9.99.

Game Features:

  • Touch-control the action on the battlefield. Drag and scroll, pinch-zoom, or select and move with a tap.
  • Choose your faction and fight as either the Soviets or the Allies.
  • Deploy military might unique to each side and engage in different campaign storylines.
  • Battle through 12 intense combat levels.
  • Fight in Skirmish Mode on two different battlefield maps with war squads you create and control.
  • Command units on realistic battlefields with different environmental conditions.
  • Build your base and manage supplies with an easy-to-use combat system.
  • Employ classic units like Kirov Air Ships and new units like the Paladin Tank.
  • Research and develop new technologies to destroy your enemies. Arm yourself for all-out war!
  • Escalate your action by using red-hot Soviet Commando "Natasha" and Red Alert's "Tanya" for sabotage and infiltration.
Check out the video:



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