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Blokus iPod Touch Board Game by Gameloft

Thursday, April 22, 2010  |  1 comments



Gameloft has released the Mattel's award winning game Blokus for the iPod Touch, iPhone and also the iPad. It is now available on the AppStore for $4.99. The game is all about strategy. You competing against other players to cover more of the board and block your opponents so they cannot add anymore block on the board!


In this game there are 21 differently shaped tiles that connect at the corners only. Each player takes it in turn to play one tile, until players are eventually eliminated by being unable to play a valid turn. No adjacent or touching tiles are allowed of your own color or the move is invalid. Squares are then counted up, with the player owning the most tiles on the board claiming victory.

Blokus is 4 GAMES IN ONE
Each game variation requires a totally different strategy:
- 4 players control each one color,
- 2 players control each two colors,
- 4 players play in teams,
- Blokus Duo: There is only 2 different colors, the board is smaller and the start position is in the middle of the board.

Compete in any of these game variations through:
- Local Multiplayer via Bluetooth and Wifi
- Online Multiplayer via 3G connection
Compare your scores on leader boards on Gameloft Live!

Try to win different cups from Discovery to Legend.

You can set the difficulty level and the time limit for each move making each game a new experience.

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