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iPod Touch case / iTouch cases: Silicone, Hard-Shell and Leather cases

Sunday, May 30, 2010  |  2 comments

iPod Touch case/iTouch cases: Silicone cases, Leather cases, Shell cases

iPod touch cases come in a variety of styles, sizes and shapes to fit your personality. But they are all made to fulfill one goal and that is to provide the best protection possible for your iPod touch from dust, dirt, dumps and scratches while providing access to all ports and controls for easy accessibility. Here is a look at some of the iPod touch cases which fall under 3 types: Silicone cases, Leather cases and Hard-shell type cases. Read more...

iPod Touch 4g Cases: Silicone

Griffin FormFit cases


FormFit iPod touch case is a translucent silicone skin that provides full access to the camera, controls, headphone jack, and dock connector. On the outside of the silicone jacket is a framed one-piece polycarbonate retaining ring that stretches the silicone back and gives FormFit its structure.

These iPod touch cases are available in three color patterns and includes a microStand. It sells for $24.99. Buy this case on Amazon.com

Speck PixelSkin HD case


PixelSkin HD iPod touch case is a flexible high-contrast skin case featuring a smooth HD pixel texture providing perfectly contoured, single-piece skinny fit. It has matte-finish pixels and shiny glossy grid. It has raised screen bezel and rubberized button covers.

This case is available in Black, Purple, Yellow and Bright Red and sells for $29.95. Buy this iPod touch 4g case from Amazon.com.

Incipio dermaSHOT iPod Touch 4G cases


The dermaSHOT cases are high density silicone anti-slip cases that are very tight fitting with a silky anti-static coating. They provide great protection for the iPod Touch 4G while providing access to all its features.

This iPod touch 4g case is available in 3 colors Black, Bright purple and Fuchsia Magenta. This case comes with a surface protector and a cleaning cloth. The dermaSHOT iPod Touch 4G cases are available for $19.99. Buy this case on Amazon.com

SwitchEasy Colors iPod Touch 4G cases


The Colors case is a silicone case for Ipod touch 4g that is made from a silicone shockproof material. The most obvious thing with this case is the difference in color of the home button. SwitchEasy has made the Home button as a hard resin coated �Jelly Bean� button to enhance the tactility.

The colors series ipod touch 4g cases come in many vibrant color schemes - Baby Blue, Baby Pink, Lilac, Lime, Stealth, Mican, Milk, Crimson, Viola, Saffron, Mint, Turquoise and Fuchsia. Buy this case for $14.99.

Otterbox Defender Series case


The Defender series is a rugged case providing 3 layers of protection from drops, dings, scratches and dust. The 3 layers include a high-quality polycarbonate shell with a durable silicone skin and clear protective membrane on touch screen.

This 4th gen ipod touch case provides full access to all the ports through silicone plugs and also to all the button without having the remove the device. It is available in black, white/black, black/red, white/pink, white/purple and white/blue colors and sells for $39.95. Buy this case on Amazon.com.

Griffin Survivor iPod touch 4g cases


Survivor iPod touch 4g case is one of the most protective iPod touch 4g case from Griffin. It is certified to meet or exceed UK Department of Defense Standard 00-35 and US Department of Defense Standard 810F.

Built on a shatter-resistant polycarbonate frame clad in rugged, shock-absorbing silicone, this iPod touch 4g case is designed for extreme conditions.

This iPod touch case comes with a built-in screen protector and has hinged plugs that seal the dock connector, hold switch and volume controls, camera lens and headphone port. With the detachable heavy-duty clip the iPod can be secured to a belt or bag strap. These iPod touch 4g cases sell for $39.99. Amazon sells at much lesser price.

iPod Touch 4G Cases: Leather

PDair leather case


This is a book-type leather iPod touch 4g case with a magnetic studs opening and closure. It comes with a transparent plastic protection.

It has a removable 360 de gree belt clip and 2 credit card slots. Colors include black, brown, red, aqua blue, pink and white and you can buy this for $29.99.

Tunewear Tunewallet leather case

ipod-touch-4g-leather-case-tunewear-walletTunewallet is a wallet-type or book-type case featuring a colorful elastic band for closure. It has 2 card holder slots and comes with a protective film.

It is available in 5 colors: Pink, Orange, Green, Blue and Brown. The dock connector can be accessed without the need to remove iPod touch from TUNEWALLET. It sells for $24.95.

Proporta Aluminium leather cases

ipod-touch-4g-cases-proporta-4This leather iPod touch 4g case is made from finest quality leather with high quality faux leather interior and a contrast black and cream pinstripe lining. It features a tough aluminium plate lining with cut outs allowing access to all ports and controls.

It also has a magnetic closure system. This leather case is available in black color and sells for $40.95. Buy this leather case from Amazon.com.


iPod Touch Cases (2G): Silicone

ezSkin Plus iPod Touch Case (2G) from ezGear
ezSkin Plus iPod Touch Case (2G) from ezGear

Protect your new iPod Touch 2G with the ezSkin Plus iPod Touch case. The ezSkin Plus case uses high quality silicon with a special dust reducing coating to protect your iPod.

The ezSkin Touch comes with everything you need... An integrated belt clip, a iPod Touch static screen protector, a cleaning cloth, and a port protector. ezGear's ezSkin Plus cases for the 2nd-generation iPod touch sell for $29.99.


Boxwave Simple iPod Touch case (2G)

Boxwave Simple Silicone iPod Touch case (2G)

The Simple Silicone iPod Touch case comes in a two-pack, and features a minimal, form-fitting design, access to ports and controls, and will come in black/black, black/blue, pink/translucent, and red/gray. This case sells for $19.99.




iSkin Duo iPod Touch Cases (2G)

The iSkin touch Duo's premium quality silicone perfectly wraps around your iPod touch 2G's subtle curves, and guards against everyday hazards such as impact, dirt, moisture and more.

Duo is also made with Microban antimicrobial protection to help inhibit the growth of odor and stain causing bacteria on the product.It's bulk-free, lightweight protection that protects as beautifully as it looks! This iSkin Duo iPod touch case will cost you $34.99.

Marware Sport Grip iPod Touch Cases (2G)

Marware Sport Grip iPod Touch Cases (2G)

Made of high-grade, slip-free silicone, the Sport Grip is the perfect case for your iPod touch 2G.

With an open face, the Sport Grip protects the sides, back, top and bottom of your iPod. The docking port is protected by an easily accessible silicone slot until needed. Subtle texturing along the sides result an ergonomic, comfortable and sporty solution to get a firm grip on your iPod.

The Sport Grip iPod Touch case is available in black/red, white/gray, and pink/white and sells for $19.99.

DLO JamJacket Game iPod Touch Cases (2G)

DLO JamJacket Game iPod Touch Cases (2G)

Called JamJacket Game, this 2nd-generation iPod touch case from DLO has been designed specifically for gaming, and adds both grip as well as protection.

Custom-molded silicone fits like a glove, adding grip to your iPod touch. Includes Surface Shield screen protector and removable wrist strap for added security. You can buy these DLO Jam Jacket Game iPod Touch Cases (2G) for $19.99.

Griffin FlexGrip iPod Touch case (2G)

FlexGrip Silicone iPod Touch case (2G)

When the going gets tough for your iPod Touch, all you need is a little FlexGrip. Griffin's FlexGrip iPod touch case wraps your iPod Touch 2G in durable, non-scratching two-tone silicone, textured to make it easy to hold onto.

It protects your iPod Touch 2G , front and back, from scratches, dents and dust while providing full access to screen, jacks, and controls. the FlexGrip 2-Pack sells for $20.

Macally's mSuit iPod touch case (2G)

Macally’s mSuit iPod touch case (2G)

Macally's mSuit iPod touch 2G case is made from durable non-slip silicone, offers open access to all ports and controls, and includes a screen protector for either the nano or touch.

Available in clear, black, or white, the mSuit iPod touch case sells for $19.99. This case comes in a package that includes 3 pcs silicon case (black, white, and clear) and 1 clear protective screen overlay.




Touch FlowerVest iPod Touch Case from Agent18

Touch FlowerVest iPod Touch Case from Agent18

The FlowerVest iPod Touch case is a form-fitting silicone case offering open access to all ports and the touch screen, integrated coverage for the volume and sleep/wake buttons, and floral design on the top front and rear.

FlowerVest shields from scratches and falls with its bounce back design while still leaving access to all ports and touch screens. Available in purple with light purple flowers or blue with light blue flowers, these cases sell for $24.95.


iPod Touch Cases (2G): Leather

TUNEWALLET Leather iPod Touch cases

TUNEWALLET Leather iPod Touch cases

TUNEWALLET from Tunewear is a wallet-style ipod touch case featuring a horizontal flip-open design and accented with a colorful elastic band.

The TUNEWALLET iPod Touch cases feature dual interior card slots, one with a quick release hole, open access to all ports and controls, an included screen protector and cleaning cloth.

iPod touch tucks securely inside and there are two card holder slots for your credit card, driver's license, IC card or cash. These cases are available for $24.95.

Belkin Leather Folio iPod Touch cases


This fashion-inspired leather case provides full protection from everyday scratches and scuffs. It features soft durable leather with soft-microfiber lining and VELCRO brand fastening.

The sleek, portable design lets you slip your iPod right into your pocket or purse. It also provides access to all the ports and dock connector. This Leather Folio iPod touch case sells for $29.99

Noreve Leather iPod Touch Case (2G)

Noreve has introduced its new Tradition Leather Case for the second-generation (2g) iPod touch. Made from handcrafted leather, the case feature a flip-down integrated screen cover with snap closure, a padded design, open access to all ports and controls, and a removable swiveling metal belt clip.

In addition, the case also offers one interior business or credit card slot. Noreve's Tradition Leather iPod Touch Cases are available for $53.15.





LEATHERSHELL iPod Touch case is a smooth genuine leather shell-type case for iPod touch 2G. The smooth, high-quality leather feels good to the touch and increases in character through general wear and natural aging.

The Leathershell comes bundled thin protective film TUNEFILM to safeguard the screen from smudges or scratches and also a cleaning cloth to wipe away any dirt on your iPod touch 2G or case.

The case features a polycarbonate frame, wrapped in smooth leather. The face of the LEATHERSHELL is an open design, allowing full access to control buttons as well as the docking connector. It sells for $24.95

Macally mCase Leather iPod Touch Cases

Macally mCase Leather iPod Touch Cases

mCase Leather iPod Touch case is a slip-on featuring open access to all ports and controls, a soft inner lining, and an included screen protector for $19.99.

Included in the package is, 1 leather case and 1 protective screen overlay .



iPod Touch Cases (2G): Hard Shell

Speck Fitted HardShell iPod Touch Cases

Speck's fitted hardshell cases are two-piece, snap-together featuring a fabric outer layer with cutouts for full access to all ports.

The case`s form-fitting, two-piece snap together design creates a personalized and tailored appearance that, combined with its interior soft-touch polycarbonate hard-shell lining, offers real protection from the bumps and scrapes of everyday activities.

The Fitted iPod Touch case from Speck Products is available in black herringbone with pinstripes for  $29.95.

Nu Form Hard-shell iPod Touch case

Nu Form Hard-shell iPod Touch case

Griffin's NuForm iPod touch case is an impact-resistant, hard-shell case that protects the 2nd-generation iPod touch in a slim, no-clip design. It includes a static peel screen protector that guards against smudges, scratches and fingerprints, but doesn't interfere with access to the touchscreen.

Its EasyDock design makes Nu Form convenient to charge and sync; just slide open the case bottom and pop your 2nd gen. iPod touch into its dock-no need to remove it from its case. it is priced at $25.

SwitchEasy NeoTouch iPod Touch cases

SwitchEasy NeoTouch iPod Touch cases

SwitchEasy's ultra-revolutionary NeoTouch hard iPod touch case features a unique 7-point locking mechanism offers the best impact resistant solution unrivaled amongst any cases in the market.

To start, the unique ultra tough GE Lexan polycarbonate H-Frame will lock the four corner points in place so your iPod Touch 2G is cuddled in security.

Then, the unique slipfree polyurethane coated I-Clip will clip and lock the top and bottom portion of the H-frame in place so your iPod Touch 2G is secured like a rock. To top it off, both pieces are secured in place by the center lock which is where the SwitchEasy logo is located. It is priced at $24.99.

SwitchEasy RebelTouch iPod Touch Cases

With RebelTouch, SwitchEasy have utilized brand new materials and radical design methods to protect your iPod Touch 2G. Introducing UltraFrame hard protection system, a unique cover-all hard shell exo-skeleton frame made with Lexan polycarbonate protecting all the important parts of your iPod Touch 2G that may be prone to impact.

In addition, SwitchEasy have utilized a special new material called ADSP (Adaptive Dynamic Soft Polymer) underneath the frame to protect the delicate surface of your iPod Touch 2G. The RebelTouch iPod touch case sells for $24.99.

Speck CandyShell iPod Touch Cases

Speck CandyShell iPod Touch Cases

The Speck CandyShell iPod Touch Cases features a one-piece design with a soft rubber interior and hard outer shell in contrasting colors.

The flexibility and protection of a soft rubberized case has been combined with the durability and scratch protection of a sleek hard shell in a seamless single-piece design.

Available in two colors, Lemon Drop Liquorice (high-gloss black shell with bright yellow interior) and Cranberry White Truffle (high-gloss white shell with cranberry red interior), these iPod touch cases are available for $34.95.

DLO SoftShell iPod Touch cases

DLO SoftShell iPod Touch cases

The DLO SoftShell iPod touch cases for the 2G are a Flexible molded iPod touch case. To add a gripable layer of protection this case has been custom-molded for your iPod touch.

With its low-profile design, eye-catching pattern and included screen protector, SoftShell is the sleek, strong and stylish case you've been looking for.

The included DLO Surface Shield adds an invisible layer of protection to your multi-touch display. This case provides total access to all iPod touch controls and dock connector.

SoftShell also features access to the iPod dock connector, so you can use your favorite charger or car accessory while your tunes stay protected. These iPod Touch cases from DLO sell for $19.99.


Wave iPod Touch 2G Cases from Griffin

Griffin's Wave iPod touch case features overlapping, interlocking wave-shaped contours that hold the case together. The distinctive wave shape on the case defines elegant styling as well as unique functionality.

Wave's overlapping curves of the closure provide increased surface area to lock together with greater security for your iPod touch 2g.

Included screen protector guards your screen, but allows complete access to your multi-touch display. It sells for $34.99

Contour Flick iPod Touch Cases

The Contour Flick iPod touch cases are made from two pieces of colored hard polycarbonate joined by a recessed rubber hinge that allows the case to be partially opened for docking.

From the streamlined, low profile design to the slide and Flick mechanics of the case, the Flick could not get any easier or natural to use. Just slide it and Flick it. The Contour Flick, re-writing the manual on case technology. This iPod touch 2G case is available in blue, black, green and orange colors and sells for $35.

Touch EcoShield iPod Touch Case from Agent18

Touch EcoShield iPod Touch Case from Agent18

The EcoShield iPod Touch case is a light weight hard-shell scratch-resistant case made from plastic derived from recycled paper and recyclable plastic. It features silicone cushioned interior pads for added protection, and offers open access to all ports and controls.

With the included Agent18 Universal Dock Adapter and protective screen, you can dock your iPod Touch 2G without taking it out of the case. It is available in black, pink, and purple and sells for $24.95.

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